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Reiki options

As a lone parent throughout all the phases – toddlers, teenagers and young adults – I found the warm, comforting energy of Reiki to be hugely supportive for us all.

Simply Reiki session could be perfect for a busy Mum of small children, or those caught between the demands of teenagers and elderly parents.  It may also provide a safe haven for you or a loved one during challenging times or treatment for significant illness, such as cancer, helping to ease pain and bring some peace and comfort.

Or, if you’d prefer a greater emphasis on understanding what may be keeping you stuck, a typical Reiki Plus session combines sharing and discussion of your particular circumstances with help to shift unhelpful patterns, as well as around thirty minutes of Reiki.

If your caring role is a professional one – perhaps you are a therapist or a counsellor – then these Wellbeing for Practitioners sessions have been created with you in mind.

Reiki is not constrained by time and space and this means that sessions can be carried out remotely.  You can read more about Distant Reiki here…

If you have experienced the benefits of Reiki and would like to learn to work with it yourself, there is information here about learning Reiki at Level One, for self-care, and at Level Two, for professional practice.


EFT techniques

You’re stuck in the stress-worry-weariness loop.  You’ve felt drained for too long and it’s beginning to affect everything.  You’ve tried to “keep calm and carry on” but it’s not working – so, what to do?

What if there was a safe space to share how you’ve been feeling, with someone who completely gets it?  Who can teach you simple ways to support your own wellbeing in future and to live with more ease.  Find out more about Support for Frazzled Souls sessions here…


Fears or phobias?

Everybody feels anxious sometimes – but what if it’s happening to you more and more often?  Or perhaps you’re beginning to avoid certain activities because they’re just too uncomfortable.  Fears and phobias can be so limiting, but there is another way to be.

Whether your particular issue is bird phobia or fear of something else, it is entirely possible for you to live free of fear…


Finally, may I offer you a small gift to help you “Believe in Yourself”?

In this busy and competitive world, it often seems impossible to measure up, doesn’t it?  Our self-belief needs to be really well grounded.

If your belief in yourself is a bit wobbly, please do help yourself to this FREE 10-minute guided visualisation that’s specifically designed to encourage a healthy, calm confidence.  (And, for maximum benefit, listen to it regularly for 21 days).


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