What a tiny particle and Matrix Reimprinting have in common…

In the world of Quantum Physics, scientists recently reported an experiment that showed a particle apparently deciding retrospectively whether to have acted in one of two distinct ways – I have to confess that I was boggling too hard to be able to quote the fine detail but that was the gist of it.  The rules of time and space, cause and effect, were being flouted by a tiny thing that either appeared to be able to know what was going to happen, before it did – or to be able to change the past, because it would have worked better that way.  Apparently, in this tiny world, past, present and future are all one.  (I heard this on BBC Radio 4, so I assume it will have been accurately reported and any stupidity in my rendering of that report is entirely my own work.)

How is this relevant to Matrix Reimprinting?  Well, past, present and future are all interconnected here, too.  I often use Matrix Reimprinting with clients who bring an anxiety, fear or phobia – either as a result of a particular traumatic experience, or something that has grown more gradually, over time and that continues to have a negative impact on their life today.  Obviously, we cannot change the facts of your history – we are not quite as clever as that tiny particle – but we can, and do, change how you feel about what happened and the beliefs about yourself and the world that you want to carry forward from this event.

I’ve written this post to answer some of the questions I’m often asked:

What is Matrix Reimprinting?   It’s an energy-based technique created by Karl Dawson, an EFT Master, which uses EFT to reduce the trauma associated with specific memories and then helps us to rethink unhelpful beliefs about ourselves and the world.

So what happens during a session?   We gently establish your issue and an associated memory – perhaps an earlier time that you felt this way, or a specific traumatic event.  We then treat that memory as if it were a play – in your mind, you can “see” all the actors, but the action is frozen (and, if the memory is very painful, we freeze the action at a point after the event is over – you don’t need to go through all that again).  You then “step into” the memory and tap gently, using the basic EFT technique, on the “you” in the memory.  While you are doing that, I will be tapping gently on you.  When the feelings around the particular memory have shifted, we reimprint a much happier picture, with all the changes you need to feel better.  However, it is important to note that we’re not changing history, just the way you feel about it.  We will also look at the belief or decision you formed about yourself or the world on that remembered day – how true is that?  How helpful?

What does it feel like?   Working with our subconscious energy fields in this way can feel a little like stepping into another world – a bit like a dream.  But you are in charge of this dream – nothing can happen here unless you allow it to.  My job, as a practitioner, is to gently guide and support you through the process and, by tapping gently while you are working in this way, to keep you grounded, feeling safe and comfortable.

And what can Matrix Reimprinting do for me?   With Matrix Reimprinting, we aim to reduce the lingering effects of difficult or traumatic memories.  At the same time, we can reframe old, unhelpful beliefs into something more supportive to us going forward.

For example, as a child you may have been frightened by some incident concerning a bird or other creature and have grown into an adult who feels afraid every time you see or hear a bird, or whatever it was that shocked and scared you.  Or perhaps you misunderstood a parent’s or teacher’s irritation or anger and took it to mean that you were a bad or worthless person and have been growing that lack of self-belief ever since.  You can see how taking the charge out of this kind of memory may shift how you feel going forward.

But what’s actually going on while you’re doing that?   We are all composed of energy.  When we experience shock or distress, part of our energy is frozen in the memory of that event.  By accessing this frozen part in our memory (known as our ECHO) and discharging the trauma by tapping on it, that ECHO is freed up – no longer stuck in the stressful moment.  Changing the emotional charge attached to the memory in this way allows us to move forward more freely.  Once we have taken the sting out of the memory, we can examine the belief about ourselves or the world that we arrived at as a result of that experience, and see if it is true or helpful.  If it is not, we can reframe it to something that supports us better.

Is Matrix Reimprinting safe for everyone?   It is my clear aim that you feel safe during your session – in order for the process to work most effectively, you should not feel distress or re-experience any of the traumatic feelings.

Do I have to believe in it for it to work?   No – as ever, a willingness to give it a go is all you need.

Can I learn more about Matrix Reimprinting?   Karl Dawson’s book, Transform your Beliefs, Transform your Life which explains the theory and techniques in more detail, is available to buy here and information about training with him is here.

I use a number of different approaches and this post about Matrix Reimprinting is one of a series giving some background information to the various ways in which I work with clients.  (Just follow the links for the posts about EFT, NLP and Reiki.)

If working in any of these ways is of interest to you, drop me a line here and we can arrange to have a free discovery conversation about your situation.

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