Wellbeing for Practitioners

You spend your professional life supporting your clients as they work through their darkest times, helping them get in touch with their most difficult feelings.  But you’re human, too, and there may be times when you can’t help but resonate with your own echoes of their pain and that may be both a blessing and a burden.  Energy levels can dip without us even noticing.  And what does a practitioner feel when a client dies (through suicide or in palliative care) and confidentiality means this grief cannot be shared?

You are having regular supervision sessions, according to guidelines, and doing the work to identify both professional and personal concerns.  You may be a supervisor yourself, supporting fellow professionals.  With client issues being the priority in supervision, what may be missing is a space for you to just relax and be supported yourself.  A place where you can safely let it all go and receive the kind of caring that you would offer others.

The good news is that the warmth and nurturing of a “Wellbeing for Practitioners” session could be just the restorative tonic you need, in a calm, safe space where your feelings and your experience are the focus.  Easing you back into a place where you can truly be there for yourself – and for your clients.

I have many years’ experience of supporting people from all walks of life with the warm energy of Reiki and, because I understand how hard it can be to adequately care for ourselves, I have specifically created these sessions foregrounding Reiki, and bringing in EFTMatrix Reimprinting & Matrix Birth Reimprinting as necessary, to support professionals with a caring role.

If you would like to replenish your energy and restore equilibrium, do get in touch to find out more or to book your first session.

Sessions cost £45 and last for 90 minutes.

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