Was your problem once a solution?

I recently read a a blog written by a young woman about her life and her journey with anxiety.  She had spotted a pattern of overspending and wrote about her decision to curb it and the strategies she was planning to use.

It reminded me of something that was said during my EFT and Matrix Reimprinting training – “All problems were once solutions” – and so I posted a comment on her blog:

“… it really resonates with me.  The little treats that add up to a big credit card bill (sooo been there!) or the little treats that add inches to the hips (yup!). Luckily, I managed to avoid the little drinkies that I’ve seen others fall down over (literally, in some cases) and the illegal mood-alterers that come with all kinds of extra hazards.”

I could really relate – can you?

When we feel down, it can be so tempting to soften the edges of our anxiety or other difficult feelings with a little treat of one kind or another and the elation of something pretty to wear or delicious to eat or drink will help in that moment.  But not for long.  And too many moments like that – well, now there’s a further problem waiting to be acknowledged and dealt with.  And your first one won’t have gone anywhere while you’ve been busy ignoring it…

One of the underpinning ideas of NLP is “If what you’re doing isn’t working, do something different” so if your tactic for avoiding your uncomfortable feelings isn’t working too well, what else could you do to feel better?

Anxiety | A red sign with a white hand "Halt"

A counsellor friend offers this to her clients:  “HALT!  Don’t act if you are: Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired”.  Good advice!  So let’s stop a minute and think…

A crucial first step is to notice what you are doing that may be unhelpful and to resolve to change that behaviour.  Follow that up by understanding your triggers and the beliefs that are driving your actions.  Then you can look at finding more positive ways to support yourself when the anxiety gremlins strike – for example, it can be really helpful to learn to tap down your uncomfortable feelings with EFT or to construct a safe, internal space you can access quickly when you need to (and I can teach you both of these skills).

I know that change can feel difficult but the supportive environment of coaching is one way to explore these issues and discover how to do that “something different”.  And learning how to support your own wellbeing is one solution that won’t turn out to be a problem later on!

I’ve love to know your experiences so do join the conversation by leaving a comment, below.

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