Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

When I contacted you, I was in a very vulnerable place as I lost my mum a week into lockdown due to Covid-19, was unable to say goodbye to her and was left alone looking after my elderly father, who had gone into shock at the sudden loss of my mum.  Normally, according to our Hindu culture, our house would have been heaving with friends and relatives during this sad time and the isolation and loneliness were adding to the terrible stress and anxiety I was feeling. 

I am a great fan of Reiki and EFT, which I have used over the years for my wellbeing, and I hoped to gain some peace, calm and groundedness in my body which was going berserk with anxiety and stress. 

I have been struck by the potency of the Distant Reiki sessions; I was a bit sceptical about how it would all work but I definitely felt plugged into a supportive connection and I have been astounded at the accuracy with which you were picking up my emotional, physical, energetic and mental states.  I have paid attention to the feedback from you and addressed what I feel needs clearing up using a variety of techniques from EFT to journaling, creative visualisation and meditation to process my grief.  Your advice to ‘feel through’ my bereavement rather than ‘think it through’ was invaluable. 

Working with you has been a wonderful experience and I cannot thank you enough for your compassionate support at this very challenging time.  You are a genuine healer – it’s not all woo-woo.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you to colleagues, friends or family struggling with mental, emotional, physical or spiritual wellbeing.

Bina, London

25 September 2020
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after acute onset of symptoms.  This was triggered by a family bereavement, but I recognised that my issues went back to childhood trauma.  I knew that whatever I did physically, I really needed to heal mentally and emotionally.

My life was ‘turned upside down’ by chronic pain and fatigue and I had lost confidence and hope of healing holistically.  I knew I needed to ‘make sense’ of my condition and address the underlying issues that I believe made my diagnosis inevitable.

Through EFT and Matrix Reimprinting I have been able to SAFELY re-visit instances of trauma in my past.  This enabled me to work through some of my deep-seated emotions and thoughts about myself and I have been able to recognise that I am not to blame for what happened to me.  Now, I can accept that I am worthy and lovable – and I’m not responsible for resolving other peoples’ issues.

The work I’ve done with Lizzie has been invaluable, and my continued progress is as a direct result of her work.  I have also used EFT tapping and the “safe space” meditation between sessions to calm my mind.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lizzie.  She is genuine, professional and warm.  She puts you at ease and is supportive and non-judgemental.

SMS, Hampshire

25 February 2019
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

I had come to a halt in my recovery from Transverse Myelitis.  This condition had brought various symptoms, causing a complete life-style change.  As a result, I had suffered a total loss of confidence, increased anxiety and chronic fatigue.  I knew I needed to re-start my recovery and re-energize my body.  A family member suggested Reiki and sent me the link to your site.

The Reiki sessions kick-started my recovery – it’s been a tremendously positive and healing process.  I have learnt to understand I need to pace myself and listen to my body.  I now have a greater understanding of ‘life balance’, something I never took time to look at or believe in before.  Our discussions have taught me how to listen to my body – and to realise I do not always need to be ‘doing’!  I can now relax and enjoy doing so.

The understanding of taking small but positive steps in the right direction and discussing my feelings from both before and since this illness, has given me an amazing insight into the best ways of dealing with those feelings.  I find EFT tapping a terrific and successful aid for dealing with my anxiety and, when I need to relax, I can take myself off to my ‘safe place’, as per your recording.  The Reiki sessions continue to help my discomfort and energy levels.

From our first consultation I have found you and the atmosphere you create kind, calming, warm and friendly and for the first time ever I have been able to relax, to relate to you, and discuss openly my feelings and issues.  I would 100% plus recommend you to anybody at all.

Gee, Hampshire

18 February 2019
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

With a crazy busy life, a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lyme Disease was making day to day activities very hard.  A friend recommended you and, although cost was a concern for me, I wanted to explore my emotional history.

I had hoped to gain some clearer understanding of myself and to get rid of what was holding me back.  I found the most valuable aspect was being listened to and I’ve been able to let go of some frustrated and unheard feelings.  To realize my strengths was, and is, simply amazing.  I try to think that my voice is worth hearing (not easy when life is busier than ever!) and to implement some of the other strategies we discussed.

I would highly recommend working with you – it’s been really beneficial.

KP, Hampshire

10 January 2018
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

Before my first Reiki session with you I was feeling very upset, anxious and tired.  I wanted to try Reiki as I had heard good things about it from friends who had tried it.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but hoped it could help me.

At my first session I experienced deep relaxation, which for me is hard as I have a very active mind.  I hadn’t realised how much I had been holding in and was quite surprised how emotional I became during the Reiki itself, but you helped me feel very relaxed and safe.   The surroundings were lovely, too – warm and comfortable.  I was less emotional at my second session and experienced seeing beautiful colours in my mind’s eye during the Reiki.

After my sessions I felt calm and really positive and I’ve noticed a difference in my day to day life.

Nicola, Hampshire

28 November 2017

I had spent my life avoiding jobs that meant I had to deal with numbers or finances because I believed I was useless.  A new job meant I had to face the very fears I had avoided and there was NO escape!  I was worried and stressed, as if a massive rock was blocking me in a job I really loved.

I phoned Lizzie in desperation.  She recognized the urgency of my problem and was very accommodating with arranging session times.  Lizzie has a wealth of experience; she willingly listened to my story and what I felt I needed to share with her.  There was a real equality about the sessions – a mixture of Lizzie’s professional training and practice, yet guided by my experiences and tailor-made to suit what was best for me.

I found Lizzie very empathetic and understanding.  She put me at ease instantly and I felt that she understood what I was saying.  I really felt that I was an individual and not “just another client”.  I had the space to offload, whilst Lizzie gently guided me through my stress, concerns and fears that were blocking me.

Past fears and patterns from my childhood have now cleared and I am now able to fulfil my role at work from an adult perspective and with greater ease.  I no longer dread the banking and financial procedures and can deal with them confidently and efficiently.  I also know that I can continue to use the tapping, if I need to help myself feel calmer at any time.

Tracy Smithers, West Sussex

8 October 2017
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

I came to see you because I was having issues with managing anxiety levels and dealing with the after-effects of a ten-year abusive relationship.  I was frequently hit with heart racing palpitations and I believe stress and anxiety had led to my raised blood pressure as there were no other lifestyle factors to account for it.  Although everything in my day to day life was now good, the trauma of past events was subconsciously affecting me and I tended to hang onto hurt.

Since working with you, I find that I can step back from issues and not be dragged down by them; I am far less likely to hold a grudge or be disappointed by people’s behaviour.  I feel that I have made peace with my past and am less anxious.

You put me at ease from day one and it was most helpful to be able to talk to someone kind, knowledgeable and non-judgemental.  Although the deep emotional release from the Matrix Reimprinting could leave me feeling exhausted, the Reiki was a very relaxing and pleasurable experience.

I continue to use the EFT tapping technique you taught me whenever I feel anxious.  It was interesting to note that whilst wearing a 24-hour blood pressure monitor, the readings were lower if I had been tapping just before the hourly pressure was taken!

I would encourage anyone, with any issue, to try working with you and your range of treatments – one of them is bound to help!

JC, Hampshire

8 November 2016
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“Initially, I was looking for ways to cope with stress in my workplace.  Life was really very up and down, in an uncontrolled and enormously upsetting way, and I was nervous about facing what was going on in my life.

After leaving that job, I found myself in a very vulnerable state and it brought a lot of hidden emotions up.  Using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, as well as learning to shift my perspective, enabled me to have a really big breakthrough which has led to an increase in my compassion, both to myself and others.  This is still having a powerful impact on my life, especially with my family.

This internal change, to be more compassionate, is probably the biggest shift and is changing how I view many things in life, from food and exercise, to stress and work.  If there’s one thing I carry around with me now which I didn’t before, it’s a voice in my head which says “that’s a should; turn it into a could”!

I would recommend you to anyone looking to learn tools to help them function on an intellectual or emotional level if their world was causing them stress, fear, trouble, anxiety or upset of some kind.  This was the reason I booked with you and you have provided me with the tools, knowledge and vocabulary to begin to take control of my world.

A big thank you – it has been more helpful than I could ever have imagined!”

(Photo of Chris courtesy of Victoria J K Lamburn)

Chris Pirson, Hampshire

31 July 2016

“I now have an understanding of my phobia and techniques to reduce its effects.  I can now walk much closer past birds – and without the heart racing panic that I had before.  I am beginning to be interested in birds and their presences, rather than afraid, and found that entering the Birdworld enclosures was helpful in this.  I plan to practise tapping and listening to the Safe Place recording, continuing to work at this until I can be completely calm around birds.

I would recommend you to anyone with a phobia.  You were kind and understanding, not at all intimidating, and so I felt I could be myself and talk openly.  I liked the session itself and the way we worked with my fears, as well as the Birdworld visit.  Thank you for your time and efforts.”

Amy Willcocks, Plympton

29 August 2016

“When we began the sessions over Skype last summer, I was unable to do more or less everything because of my anxiety.  I couldn’t leave my flat and even if I did manage to get outside, I couldn’t do the things I needed to do on a day-to-day basis, nor attend lectures or seminars at University.

The worst things were the frustration, because I knew my fears weren’t logical, and the loneliness, since I was segregated from everyone else.  When I first started working with you, I didn’t really feel as though there was a way out and didn’t really believe anyone, including yourself, when I was told that things would get better, but I yearned to gain my freedom and the confidence to try and overcome my anxiety.

You have been nothing but lovely and encouraging the entire time I’ve worked with you and, whilst the techniques you have taught me have undoubtedly helped me and will continue to, the way you have become excited when I have achieved goals and never made me feel as though I was being silly has probably been the thing that I would remember most.  You have been my partner in crime and when I had my first session with you, this was exactly what I needed.

Within the past six months especially, I have become a lot more determined and sure of myself that I can actually get better.  So much has changed – I am now completely confident leaving my home and do so without thought.  I can go to the shops, socialize with friends, drive, work and so many other things that didn’t feel remotely possible a year ago.

I will be continuing to push myself slowly to achieve the goals that I still have yet to try.  I will also continue to use the coping techniques that I have learned from you such as tapping and the Safe Place; I use them regularly and they genuinely do help me.”

Lauren Sowter, Felixstowe

29 July 2016
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

“I was feeling a deep tiredness following significant illness and from constant panic.  I knew I needed to restore my energy and to find some balance in my life.  Searching online for “tapping” (EFT), I found your website; I felt a resonance and didn’t hesitate to book.

Working with you has been a lovely experience – you are so calm, so kind and understanding.  My panic has eased, my energy levels have returned and I have a much better relationship with my Mum.  I feel I can look forward to a better future, rather than being stuck in a difficult past – and I will definitely keep on tapping!  Thank you.”

Jan Wright, Fareham

31 March 2016
AM Praise; Lizzie Carver, Bird phobia

“I have had a phobia of birds for nearly 20 years.  I used to have to leave the room if anyone even mentioned birds.  I felt nervous at the beach and couldn’t eat outside in summer if birds were around the table.   I decided that 2016 would be the year I would beat this, after resorting to eating breakfast alone in my room on a recent holiday!

Although I felt apprehensive, you put my mind at rest from the first time we spoke on the phone and you explained everything really clearly.  I was also keen to try out the techniques at Birdworld, to prove to myself that I could do it, and I astonished myself with how close I was able to go to the birds there.  I have continued to surprise myself since, in everyday situations; for example, today I walked alone past some swans without any fear and I’ve felt far more at ease around pigeons, too.

A huge burden has been lifted and I feel like a stronger person for being able to overcome this long-term fear.  I’ve used the techniques you taught me to help myself in other stressful situations, too, such as presentations and a job interview.

Now I’m looking forward to my next holiday, knowing it will be easier without the constant fear of birds!”

Ashleigh Morris, Rugby, Warwickshire

30 March 2016
MG-J praise|Lizzie Carver|EFT|Matrix Reimprinting|NLP|Reiki

“Having had a Reiki session with you when I was going through a time of great life changes, I felt an impulse to learn about and bring Reiki into my life.  I felt a real connection both with the nature of Reiki and with you.  Learning about Reiki was enriching, both because of this connection and also your style of teaching, as you guided me effortlessly and personally through the journey.

After completing my Reiki Level 1 training, I spent a year on self-treatment and sharing Reiki with friends and family.  My time with you had naturally instilled Reiki as part of my day to day life, so the opportunity to share it with people I cared about was a wonderful gift for me… and for them!

I valued our continuing connection during this time – keeping in touch, sharing experiences and having various random trusted conversations.  It was, therefore, no surprise that I decided to come back to you to complete my Reiki Level 2 training.  It felt like a natural continuation of my journey and you were always going to be my guide!

To say it has been a pleasure does not even begin to describe the experience of studying Reiki with you, Lizzie.  It is a journey that is shared and you have such a beautiful, natural and honest style to your teachings.  It’s a connection that does not end with the course but stays with me, as do your care and support.  I’m so pleased to have this chance to say thank you… again!”

Mandy Gurley-Jones, Four Marks

24 January 2016
AD praise|Lizzie Carver|EFT|Matrix Reimprinting|NLP|Reiki

“I was interested in learning about Reiki and, although I know several people who could have taught me, I felt that I would be most comfortable with you and that you would offer a very professional learning experience.  Your passion for the subject and clear delivery of the training material made the whole experience very enjoyable (and your humour made the day great fun, too).

Understanding the fundamental principles of Reiki was important to me and I soon felt that I had a good grasp of the basics.  I felt very comfortable posing questions and you were able to answer them all with ease – and without me ever feeling that I shouldn’t have asked!  I like the fact that all the information is also given in a written manual; I have read through this several times and use it as a reminder from time to time.  I now accept that spending a little time on your own health and wellbeing is as important as offering a service to others and so practising self-Reiki is a valuable part of my daily routine.

I am considering taking further training with you in the future and I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone considering learning from you or to receive therapy from you.  You have a warm, welcoming and heart-centred approach that instils confidence in you and the services you offer.”

Anne Davison, Isle of Wight

20 January 2016
CD praise for Reiki, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP

“For the last 9 months I’ve been going through weekly chemo.  This has been a period full of anxiety, exhaustion and low mood.  I wanted a treatment that could help me to relax as well as to reduce my fatigue.  I was drawn to Lizzie’s website because she came across as warm and open about her own history of difficulties and breakthroughs.  When I first met Lizzie she was as welcoming and positive as I imagined she would be.

I felt both pampered and energised by the treatment and was left with a feeling of deep calm.  Before the Reiki treatments all my focus had been on my body and cancer symptoms, rather than my emotional needs.  Lizzie’s sessions helped me to feel valued and improved my sense of well-being, both physical and emotional.  In between Reiki sessions I was given some self-help strategies, a ‘safe-place’ to go when I needed to relax.

I now see Lizzie regularly and would definitely recommend her for anyone struggling with depression, stress or just searching for a positive experience.”

Caroline, Hampshire

7 December 2015
SD praise for EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, Lizzie Carver, NLP, Reiki

“Following our sessions in the summer, I have noticed a lovely difference within myself.  I no longer feel apologetic about who I am and my opinions.  Instead of trying to hide my height, I now stand, and feel, taller and prouder.  I no longer just accept statements about myself that my “old” head used to concoct and I am enjoying my new experience of who I really am.  The sessions helped me to see how some old thought patterns and beliefs were leading to unhelpful behaviours.  With your help, I was able to understand why these had come about – and how to release them.

I am so grateful that I decided to have these sessions with you.”

Sarah Dupont, Portsmouth

4 December 2015
ZB praise for Reiki, Lizzie Carver

“As a Reiki practitioner myself, I wanted Reiki to support me during my chemotherapy treatment.  It was important to find a practitioner that I had a rapport with and I have definitely found that in you, Lizzie.

The sessions have helped me enormously in so many ways.  They help me to relax if something has been bothering me and it gives me an hour of complete “me-time”, when I can switch off… and I always fall asleep!  It’s so gentle, yet powerful, and I feel it works on so many levels – mental, emotional and physical.

You have a special gift and our Reiki sessions have played a huge part in helping me during my ongoing medical treatment.  It’s one of the things I really look forward to.”

Zena Buckland, Odiham

3 December 2015
JP Pic

“I came to see you a few years ago and the main acute problems I was having then were resolved but recently I had become aware of more deeply rooted problems.  Although on one level my life was fine, I was suffering a great deal of anxiety and whilst I was frustrated and angry with myself for binge eating, I felt incapable of escaping it.

Our sessions were sometimes surprising – you have so many tools for all kinds of problems – but they were always a pleasure and something I looked forward to.

Since using the techniques you showed me, I can avoid inhaling junk food when there’s something I don’t want to do and I feel much more capable of handling my life than I did before we met.  I’m learning to listen to myself more and, for the first time since I can remember, I don’t look in the mirror, focus in on the most wobbly bit and then decide I hate myself because of it.  I can see the whole of myself in one go, which is much kinder than just looking at a single wobbly bit.

Thanks to you, I am happier in myself all the time.”

(Photo of Julia courtesy of Victoria J K Lamburn)

Julia Percival, Basingstoke

10 November 2015
KC Pic

“I had hoped to lose my bird phobia and be able to enjoy the outdoors but hesitated to book initially because I was doubtful whether it would actually work. I was anxious that you might try to explain to me that birds aren’t going to harm me, which I am very aware of, but the whole session was brilliant and I particularly liked that we focused on my anxiety issues, rather than discussing my bird phobia at length.

I now use the techniques you showed me to help control my feelings and reaction.  I don’t notice birds around me when I’m outdoors and I’ve been able to translate what you’ve taught me to use in other aspects of my life so I’m generally a much calmer, less anxious person since our session.

Thank you for setting me free!”

Karen Colwill, Beaconsfield

10 August 2015
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

“I was recommended to see Lizzie for some NLP therapy after a particularly difficult year. Two friends had both seen Lizzie for NLP and found it to be highly effective and so I booked an appointment. Lizzie is the consummate professional. She meets you in lovely comfortable surroundings and even though you have just met she makes you feel entirely at home. I went to talk about something in particular but we ended up talking about everything but that. At the beginning I thought maybe I was barking up the wrong tree but then all of a sudden everything clicked. The original problem was more of a symptom than the problem in itself and without me knowing Lizzie had helped me solve it. I couldn’t recommend seeing Lizzie more highly – I think everyone could benefit from a bit of Lizzie-ing”

JP, Basingstoke

26 November 2014
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

“I now feel much more confident when driving and have been able to enter certain environments without the sense of dread that I had previously suffered. NLP was a real success for me. Talking through my initial problems brought a lot of issues to light which we could then deal with one at a time. Creating a “safe space” in which to return was really important and I am using this technique regularly when I feel stressed. I found Reiki a really calming and supportive end to each session and left me with a positive emotion after talking through and working out the negatives.”

SS, Farnham, Surrey

21 January 2013
CW praise for Reiki, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP

“I received my first ever Reiki treatment recently from Lizzie. A big thank you to you. I felt completely and utterly relaxed, first time I ever felt like that without having a massage! Have found a week later that my energy levels have vastly improved – amazing. Lizzie makes you feel at ease and comfortable, providing a reassurance and confidence in the way she conducts her treatment. I will certainly not hesitate to recommend her to anyone – particularly, people who are not akin to massage.”

Cathy Wells, Yateley, Hampshire

16 January 2013
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

“I hoped to gain a better perspective on my situation, to enable me to start to function again. I am now able to function! I have overcome the negativity I used to target at myself and I feel I have taken back control. I feel I am moving in a positive direction again! NLP gives a level of clarity, which is hard to achieve on your own. Reiki relaxes and resets me. It was exactly what I needed.”

MQ, West Sussex.

16 January 2013
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

“Lizzie has a wonderfully relaxing way about her and helps you get mind and body back in a better place!”

JB, Surrey

20 June 2012
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

“I had always felt a little nervous about trying Reiki but Lizzie was able to listen and give a brief explanation of what she would be doing. I wasn’t sure whether Reiki could help my stress level and bad back so I was amazed to find it really helped. Afterwards I felt as though I had slept for a week and felt calm but energised. My back improved almost immediately and I was able to go running again 4 days later. Lizzie made sure I felt safe throughout the whole process and was professional and respectful.”

AG, Hampshire

10 November 2011
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

“I hoped to gain more confidence after a small trauma, also to be able to section thoughts to deal with them one at a time rather than feeling clouded. I felt a calm come over me and felt good that I had taken time out for myself to address a problem. I have used the practice discussed since my visits and feel the problem has shrunk dramatically.”

Anon, Windlesham, Surrey

4 August 2011
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

“Before my NLP session with you, I used to have anxiety attacks daily. I haven’t had one since!”

LP, Lindford, Hampshire

4 August 2011
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

“I hoped to gain more self-esteem and to lose some bad habits of behaviour… I feel as though I have been gently re-aligned in the better “direction” that I should have been facing all along. Very helpful. Very gentle. Fun! It achieves its goals.”

JS, Aldershot, Hampshire

4 August 2011
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

“Working with Lizzie using NLP has helped me realise my own strengths and use them to improve my confidence. Combining this with Reiki means I leave the building feeling thoroughly relaxed and more positive.”

E, Alton, Hampshire

4 August 2011
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

“I have been using my ‘safe place’ and find that extremely comforting so thank you for that…it has helped considerably.”

MM, Clanfield, Hampshire

4 August 2011
Praise, Lizzie Carver, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Reiki

“I began having (Reiki) healing sessions because of high levels of anxiety. The sessions are held in an extremely welcoming and comfortable environment which, coupled with the gentle, quiet and positive manner of Lizzie, put me totally at ease from the moment I walked in. Over the course of four, weekly sessions I have been able to discover, understand and develop many emotional things about myself, both connected to the past and the present, and I always walk away with a feeling of understanding, contentment and self-worth.”

BT, Alton, Hampshire

4 August 2011