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It won’t surprise you to hear that my own principal self-care resource is Reiki and that I would be delighted to teach you how to use this wonderful energy practice to support yourself, too.  There’s more about Reiki here, and about learning Reiki here… but I won’t bang on!

Self-care is something we can all do for ourselves daily, in small and simple ways.

Self-care resource | A roaring fire, golden flames glowing in a dark roomYou can begin by taking the time to check in with yourself and discover what would help.  You might want to curl up with a good book, have a relaxing bath, do some gardening, be creative, be social or solitary (according to your preference), be in nature or in front of a roaring fire – the list goes on!

But there are times when we need a little input from others.  In those moments, self-care also includes reaching out and booking up some precious space and skill from an expert other.

Here are some of the people I trust when I need a helping hand… 

… most of them are based near my corner of Hampshire, in the UK, but many have blogs or newsletters that could be useful if you are further afield.

I’ve recently had some Reiki sessions from Carol at Greenwood Therapies in New Alresford.  Carol practises Jikiden Reiki, which has slightly different protocols to the style of Reiki I practise but the deep relaxation and “rebooting” effects are the same!

Based in Ropley, Suz of A Holistic Solution combines Reiki with Craniosacral therapy and Myofascial release to great effect (whether you are a person, a horse or a dog!). I have, quite literally, felt my body “unwinding” itself from the effects of deeply-stored memories and emotions.

Like Reiki, reflexology allows the body to enter a deep state of relaxation in which its self-healing mechanisms can work most effectively.  My daughter and I have both felt the benefit of sessions with Liz at Alton Reflexology.

The Wells Clinic in Yateley is my top resource for a completely unscrumpling massage.  Whether your aches and pains are due to exercise, an accident or simply life’s stress, Cathy will ease them and then teach you simple self-care exercises to support your recovery at home.

Recently, I’ve been enjoying learning more about using essential oils to support my physical and emotional wellbeing – dates of forthcoming classes to be run near Farnham by Vikki Page can be found here and you can also find out more about the beautiful oils she uses.

If the ancient and holistic practice of herbalism interests you, Kate of Horsechestnut Herbals has a wealth of experience and knowledge at her fingertips – she sees clients in the New Alresford area.

Sumi of The Essential Lavender Company grows her own organic lavender and then crafts gorgeous potions and lotions – I especially love the Calm and Relax range.

Mindfulness and meditation are wonderful ways to find your calm centre and you can access information about classes at Place of Serenity in Petersfield.  There is a wealth of useful information and mindful exercises on the blog, too.  Here is a recent post, written especially for Self-Care Week

We’re All Mad Here is a website full of useful stuff for anyone suffering from anxiety.  It’s written by a young woman whose mission is to turn her own unhappy times into golden tips and support for others.  The original blog was shortlisted for a MIND award, and a book of the same name is now a bestseller, (with a second in the pipeline).  There’s a YouTube channel, too, with new inspiring interviews being uploaded all the time.

Finally, if you need some support to work through more difficult emotions or events with an experienced and skilful counsellor, I highly recommend Aileen George, who practises in Odiham and Fleet.  You will also find helpful information and insights on a range of topics on her blog.

Self-care resource | A map of the world, painted onto the palms of a pair of handsPerhaps something in this self-care resource list has nudged you to reach out?  Or simply given you ‘permission’ to settle down for a quiet spell to recharge in your preferred way?    

Whatever self-care resource you choose, I hope you will make it a regular habit to nurture yourself because taking care of ourselves regularly in gentle, meaningful ways encourages us to do the same for others.

The world needs more of that – it’s in our hands.

What’s your favourite self-care activity?  Do share it in the comments box below!

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