Reiki Plus

You’ve felt exhausted for far too long and now it’s really beginning to tell.  You know that you are stuck in an unhelpful loop but you’re too tired to make the changes that would make all the difference.

Imagine a safe space in which to share your concerns with someone who really understands.  Who can guide you as you gently release what no longer serves you – and then help you to rest and replenish your energy.  That’s a Reiki Plus session…

I lived in exhausted overwhelm for many years but, as I made my way to a lighter way of living, I discovered therapies and techniques that made a difference.  First, the warm, restorative energy of Reiki brought comfort and relief.  Later, EFTMatrix ReimprintingMatrix Birth Reimprinting and NLP all played their part and these are at the heart of my work as I support others towards a more comfortable way of living.

Caroline feels that the strategies she learned, combined with the deep relaxation of Reiki, helped her to cope with chemotherapy – you can read more here.  Here’s how Sarah was able to change some patterns of thought and behaviour and here, JC tells how she could finally move past the after-effects of a ten-year abusive relationship.

90-minute session – £65

Contact me to discuss how a Reiki Plus session could help you, or to book.

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