Would you consider Reiki for worry or sadness?

Why consider Reiki when you’re struggling with difficult emotions?

My first experience of Reiki felt like being wrapped in love.  As a young woman with a history of anxiety and depression, I sorely needed to feel loved!

That moment was so profound, it has never left me and I am always so happy to share Reiki with others who may need to feel loved and supported in their turn.

Reiki for worry or sadness | woman covers her face with her handsWhen we are in the grip of worry or sadness, it can seem impossible that we will ever feel better, can’t it?  We can find ourselves spiralling down further and further, losing sleep and unable to stop ruminating on everything that is troubling us.

“If you are anxious, worried or your mind doesn’t switch off, it can also affect your body.” (Zena)

What’s troubling you?

Whatever you are going through…

  • sadness
  • worry or anxiety
  • low mood
  • loss or bereavement

…Reiki may offer comfort and respite.

How often do we feel an emotion – and then beat ourselves up for feeling that way?  We categorise emotions as good or bad, trying to push away the ones we’ve labelled as “bad” but to no avail.  Feelings will always push back!  And then we may find ourselves stuck fast, locked in a battle-not-to-feel.  It’s a battle we can never win.

Reiki for worry or sadness | underneath a big breaking waveReiki may help you to surf the waves

We can liken strong emotion to a big ocean wave.  You won’t win a fight with a big roller… but if you can relax and float, it will peak and ebb away.

How can Reiki help me?

The principal benefit of Reiki is the deep relaxation it can bring to all levels of your being, allowing you to feel centred again.

Because Reiki is so gentle, it is suitable for all ages and stages of life.  Being completely non-invasive and non-manipulative, it can be shared through light touch or with hands off the body, if needed, and there is no need to undress.  The deep relaxation you experience during a session allows the natural balancing responses in your mind and body to unfold.

“The treatments were relaxing, so relaxing I would often fall asleep… For me, Reiki helped my mind, my body and it lifted my spirits.” (Zena)

Add in the other positives of allowing yourself a little time and space, filled with warmth and kindness, and perhaps it’s no surprise that people value Reiki for worry or sadness so highly.

“I felt both pampered and energised by the treatment and was left with a feeling of deep calm.” (Caroline)

“I found Reiki really calming and supportive.” (SS)

Over to you...

Has Reiki helped you through a difficult time?  Do share your thoughts below…

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Photo credit: Foter.com

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