One of the hardest parts of suffering a phobia is being afraid of things that just don’t seem to bother other people, isn’t it?  You feel so alone in it – no one can really understand how it feels and how much it limits your life.

Can you relate?

Many people in your situation will just try to ‘tough it out’ but that’s so painful and may just leave you more exhausted and more fearful the next time you’re faced with the object of your fear.

What’s often needed is a different approach – to look at the experience and beliefs that lie beneath the fear and work, very gently, to unpick them.

By the way – I totally get it. 

I used to be so terrified of the dark that I took a torch with me – everywhere, at all times.  To the zoo, the supermarket, walking the dog – truly, I did.

So this work is really special to me.  I know how liberating it can feel to leave that torch at home!

Sarah shares how she feels about overcoming her fear of snakes herebut please be aware that Sarah’s story has a picture of a snake.

Sometimes one session may be enough but more ‘global’ concerns such as agoraphobia or claustrophobia are likely to take several sessions.

To have a chat about what’s troubling you and how I could help, drop me a line and we’ll arrange a call.

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