Matrix Birth Reimprinting – a new beginning

What is Matrix Birth Reimprinting?

Matrix Birth Reimprinting builds on the techniques of Matrix Reimprinting and EFT, and aims to resolve difficulties that have their roots at, or before, birth.  And, yes, that can mean our own birth as well as the births of our children.

Before looking at Matrix Birth Reimprinting, we should look at the two techniques that are fundamental to it.  People often ask what the difference is between working with EFT (more info here), or with Matrix Reimprinting (more info here).  After all, both techniques involve tapping on a sequence of points around the head, chest and hands and both aim to clear shock, trauma or painful emotions from the memory of a past event.

One useful way to understand the difference is this: when we work with EFT, we are working with the feelings we experience today whenever we think about what happened back then.  It’s like watching a movie and reducing the discomfort we feel while we’re watching it, but we can’t change what we see on the screen.

When we work with Matrix Reimprinting, we treat it like live action, a play that’s happening in front of us.  We can step in and change how the younger version of us responds to what is going on in this play.  We can’t necessarily change the basic drive of the plot – we can’t change the bare facts of history, after all.  But we can aid, comfort and empower that younger one and, crucially, we can help to change the beliefs they formed on that difficult day.  And we always do this in ways that avoid re-traumatising, ways that are gentle and supportive.  For instance, with serious events, we “step in” after the event is over and offer support and reassurance.  There’s no need to relive every moment of what happened on that day.

Most of our core beliefs about ourselves and the world are formed before the age of seven.  In those early years, our brains are busy absorbing information but have not developed the capacity to question and filter what they are downloading.  People are often able to access these memories quite easily and we can use Matrix Reimprinting to reduce the difficult feelings. Then we can rewrite the emotional outcome and the beliefs they carry forward.

So, what can Matrix Birth Reimprinting do for me?

Some clients can trace the root of their difficulties back to a specific memory or memories and the resulting beliefs, but others just have a sense that they have “always been this way”.

The techniques of Matrix Birth Reimprinting allow us to connect and work safely with the very earliest of memories – those which are pre-verbal and held simply as overwhelming feelings.  We work very gently to clear any distress, pain or trauma that was felt and embodied long before we were able to understand what was happening to us.  We can also reimagine our initial bonding experience, which is so crucial to building feelings of safety and being welcome in the world.  There is a short window of opportunity for this process, which may be disrupted by commonly-used birth practices, drugs or surgery.  Revisiting our own birth and bonding experience in gentle and positive ways can have a significant effect on how we feel now, however many years later.  There’s no time limit on this work.

Matrix Birth Reimprinting | A baby's hand gripping an adult's thumb

For those of us who have had tough times giving birth to our children, the techniques of Matrix Birth Reimprinting can dissolve the impact of whatever happened then.  Any birth that goes “off course” can leave a woman with painful memories and feelings of failure that may even contribute to post-natal depression or post-natal anxiety – not to mention a fear of ever doing it again.  And, of course, a difficult birth may result in a traumatised baby, whose only means of communication is to cry and cry, and that may tend to compound any feelings of failure at this motherhood business.  I wish I had known that, all those years ago!

Fathers may be traumatised by the birth of their children, too – if things do not go smoothly, fathers can feel shocked and powerless at witnessing their partner’s pain and distress.  The birth of a child creates a watershed moment in any relationship – there’s a big difference in life “before” and “after” the event!  But it may well bring about unwelcome changes if one or both parties continue to struggle with unresolved feelings about the birth experience.

Miscarriage or still-birth, the painful choices of abortion or adoption, or a diagnosis of infertility each bring their own pains and difficulties, which may also be eased by working gently and kindly with Matrix Birth Reimprinting techniques.

Can I learn more about Matrix Birth Reimprinting?

Sharon King, the creator of Matrix Birth Reimprinting, has written an excellent book, “Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life”, containing a wealth of information and fascinating case studies.   She trains MBR practitioners worldwide and you can find more on her website, Magical New Beginnings.


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  1. Sue on March 10, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    Love this Lizzie, not an easy process to describe but you did just that and beautifully too.

    • Lizzie on March 10, 2016 at 10:27 pm

      Thank you for your kind words, Sue. I feel it’s such a beautiful process, with great potential for release and healing.

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