Is this you?

What’s stopping you from just being yourself?

Previously, you’ve always put the effort into your education, your career, and your relationships – bringing your best self to life.

But right now you’re frazzled and hurting.

Your world doesn’t seem as safe as it once did. You know you’re overthinking everything but your brain won’t stop worrying or judging. It feels as if you’re never getting life “quite right”. Something feels ‘off’ and that’s so frustrating, so demoralising for you.

Can you relate?

Maybe you’ve confided in a friend or partner about this energy shift, how everything drains you. Perhaps your body is expressing your tension – in your back, neck or shoulders. The trouble is, you don’t want to bang on endlessly about ‘your stuff’ to others and you don’t feel your discomfort warrants a trip to the doctor either.

But you are beginning to notice unhelpful patterns and you don’t want to get stuck in them.

Sound familiar?

If this sounds like you then you’re absolutely in the right place and I’m so delighted to see you here.

We might be a perfect fit if you’d like to:

  • relax and recharge your personal batteries
  • accept yourself, just as you are
  • get some clarity about what’s holding you in this cycle
  • reframe some important beliefs
  • learn simple ways to support yourself in future

I love supporting clients who are:

  • ready to move forward with their lives
  • open to change
  • willing to do the work and apply the learning afterwards

Hello – I’m Lizzie Carver

I am an energy therapist and coach. I started my business because I want to support people as they make their way from dark times to a lighter, clearer place. I believe that even though we often don’t realise it, we have all the resources we need and, with the addition of a few simple tools, you too can live a much more comfortable and positive life.

How I can help you

I’d be so pleased to help you

  • relax deeply at all levels of mind and body and boost your energy levels
  • explore quick and simple self-help techniques to release anxiety and ease overwhelm
  • clear specific blocks to self-acceptance

Next steps

Please do add your name to my newsletter mailing list (find it at the right hand side of this page) or you could visit this page to receive a free 10-minute guided visualization called “Believe in Yourself”, which I have designed to help you find your calm confidence. You can also explore What I do or connect with me by clicking here and sharing what you need.

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