Isn't it time to give yourself some of the care and kindness you show others?

You value your friends, your family, your work - you've always given them your best efforts.

But right now you're just too weary to do any of them justice and that's troubling.

After all, if you crash and burn, what happens to everything and everyone else?  It's time to do something differently.

Sound familiar?

If this sounds like you then you’re absolutely in the right place and I’m so delighted to see you here.

We might be a perfect fit if you crave:

time to put yourself first and receive some caring

a warm, safe space with no demands and a complete focus on you

to be heard by someone who “gets it”

to learn to re-balance your priorities

I love supporting clients who:

are kind, compassionate folk, whose instinctive focus has been on others

now understand they need to rest and recharge

are open to discovering a more positive view of themselves and their role

Hello – I’m Lizzie Carver

I’m a Reiki Master and coach.  I started my practice because I want to support people as they make their way to a more comfortable and positive way of being.

I believe that everyone benefits from peace and relaxation.  I also know that taking time to gain clarity often makes moving forward easier.

How I can help you?

I’d be so pleased to help you

relax deeply at all levels of mind and body and boost your energy levels

explore quick and simple self-help techniques to release anxiety and ease overwhelm

clear specific blocks to self-acceptance

Next steps

Why not get in touch and tell me what you need?