Support for Frazzled Souls

You’ve been feeling stuck for so long, you’ve practically taken root in this uncomfortable place, haven’t you? If only your brain would stop nagging, if it would leave you ‘be’. It’s so draining, so depleting, isn’t it? And this constant background worry about “measuring up”, about never being ‘enough’ – whose standards are these, anyway?

Can you relate?

You know you have an inner strength – after all, you’ve come this far. But what’s often missing is an opportunity to carve out some precious time. Time to reflect and to tease out the roots of whatever’s been holding you here, been holding you back.

Sound familiar?

So just imagine if it became possible to work gently to lighten the load, to reframe toxic memories and discover coping strategies to support you in the future. Wouldn’t it be comforting to know it’s entirely possible for you to restore your precious energy, to become unstuck, to move through this?

I understand your depletion because I used to live in it. The techniques of EFTMatrix ReimprintingMatrix Birth ReimprintingNLP and Reiki helped me to weed out the debris and live with more ease. And that’s why I designed these sessions, woven from those strands as needed, to support you in your creation of a life with greater simplicity and balance.

You can read how Julia can be kinder to herself here, how Jan’s energy and relationships improved here, and Chris describes his shift in perspective here. Lauren shares how she has worked through her agoraphobia and extreme anxiety here and writes more about her experiences here.

Per single session £80

Three sessions £225

Six sessions £450

How many sessions?

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