In these uncertain times, it is completely natural to experience a range of emotions and some of them can feel overwhelming.  Whether you have been living alone and feeling unsupported or trying to care for family, young or old, without the usual strategies and resources, the pandemic has had a deep impact on us all and many people are feeling more than usually anxious about this "new normal".

I have a range of simple, gentle techniques to help you feel calm again, ranging from breathwork and physical grounding exercises to Emotional Freedom Technique (“tapping”). 

Or we can just talk through what’s roiling around inside and look to find a new way of coping with it all.  Anxious thoughts don't like the fresh air that comes from sharing and often shrivel to a more manageable size on contact!

Working via Skype or a similar video call app, I aim to create a safe space for you to share how you’ve been feeling and teach you simple ways to support your own well-being as we make our way through this uncharted territory.

These online one-hour For Anxious Days sessions will cost £35.

You can get in touch here to find out more or to book your session.