EFT – what is that?

EFT - What is that? | A question markYou may have heard of the energy therapy called EFT – or perhaps you’ve heard it called “tapping”?

When I first came across it I was very dismissive – how could something so simple do what people were claiming?  Even Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, admits that it sounds completely “woo-woo” but says “it’s a different approach that belongs in everyone’s toolbox.”  (Some of the other tools in my toolbox are described here – Matrix ReimprintingNLP and Reiki.)

Recent studies undertaken in the UK are showing that EFT is “showing promise as a potentially useful form of treatment in cases of anxiety, depression and anger”.  After a workshop with EFT Master, Karl Dawson, I was amazed at the shifts I felt and so I went on to train with him to become a Practitioner.  I use this simple, powerful tool on myself, and with my clients, both on current and historic issues.

So, as EFT is such a different approach, I thought it may be useful to give a little background here.

What is EFT?   

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.  It’s an energy therapy, which aims to release stress and discomfort by lightly tapping on a sequence of points on the head and body.

So what happens during a session?   The practitioner will gently guide you through a series of questions, designed to help you focus on various aspects of your physical or emotional discomfort.  Once you have a clear awareness of these sensations, you will be led through a simple routine of softly tapping with your fingers on your own head and body.

What does it feel like?   The tapping process is very gentle.  And, as you tap, the sensations you’ve brought into that clear focus can change and dissolve – so most people simply feel a sense of relief and release.

And what can EFT do for me? 

Tapping has been seen to help reduce stress or strong emotion.  More and more studies show that it calms the parts of the brain that are associated with fear and distress.  Reducing those flight or fight signals in the brain leaves us feeling more relaxed.  In that more balanced state, we not only feel better emotionally, but also move forward in our understanding.  EFT is being used around the world to alleviate pain and distress of all kinds, emotional and physical.

But what’s actually going on while we’re tapping?   

Energy is understood to flow through our bodies via meridians – the same channels of energy that have been acknowledged in Chinese medicine and acupuncture for thousands of years.  Strong emotion and distress is believed to cause blocks to the free flow of this energy and, by tapping gently on various points on the meridians, the energy can move smoothly around the body again.

Is EFT safe for everyone?   Being gentle and non-invasive, this process is suitable for everyone.

Do I have to believe in it for it to work?   No.  A willingness to “try it and see what happens” is all you need.

Can I learn EFT?   

The basic process is easy to learn and use for self-help purposes – to reduce stress or discomfort in the moment.  It’s a really useful life-skill and I teach it to virtually every one of my clients.

If you want to go deeper into the topic, there is a wealth of information for free on Gary Craig’s website.  If you want to train to Practitioner level, I recommend the courses run by my teacher, Karl Dawson, EFT Master and the creator of the Matrix Reimprinting technique.  For links to relevant research papers about tapping, visit the EFT Tapping Training website, where Craig Weiner has collated a significant body of research.

Over to you…

If working in this way is of interest to you, drop me a line here and we can arrange to have a free discovery conversation about your situation.

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