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Set your new Personal Best!

It can be hard to find the courage to change; to keep on growing and expanding personal horizons; to do new and previously impossible things.

But you really don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to set a new Personal Best!

Two people who have overcome a debilitating phobia of birds have been exceeding theirs this summer…

One of the best parts of the work I do with people who’ve struggled with a phobia is hearing about their ongoing steps to greater freedom.  Leaving a fear behind often means that life can change significantly.  Not only is it possible to move around the everyday world far more comfortably than before but clients also find that confidence in other areas of life can soar, as they reduce the burden of anxiety they’ve been carrying around for years.

Holiday snaps can be lovely reminders of a happy and relaxing few days.  Perhaps we’ve been visiting new places, meeting new people or, sometimes, doing new things.  Looking at them, we can be transported back in time and warm ourselves on the memories we’ve created.  Two clients have shared some of theirs with me, and are happy to share them with you, too.

Personal best | Ellie stands near two colourful parrots who are sitting on a wallHere’s Ellie, making new friends on her Caribbean holiday…  You may remember that I mentioned Ellie in a previous blog post.  As well as disrupting her movements around town, her past fear of birds led her to avoid Facebook, because she dreaded coming across her best friend’s photos of her pet bird.  (It’s not at all uncommon for people to find that photos of birds trigger their fears.)  But now, as you can see, she is comfortable enough to stand near these two beauties… and smile!

Personal best | Ashleigh ready to drive a rally carAshleigh has found that working on her fear of birds has helped her confidence grow in other areas, too.  Here, she is about to fulfil a long-held ambition to drive a rally car – very fast (which she thoroughly enjoyed)!

Personal best | Ashleigh and brother on beachShe has been on holiday as well and here she is, with her “little” brother, on the very beach where her fears began, all those years ago.  This time, things were very different and Ashleigh was able to walk close enough to a seagull to notice, calmly, that it had webbed feet and not the monster talons of her memory.

Wonderful stuff!

So often, I hear clients say “I never thought I’d be free of my fear.  If I can do this, anyone can.” 

If you would like to be that ‘anyone’, to be able to expand your comfort zone in life and live beyond a fear or phobia, do get in touch for a free exploratory chat via Skype or phone.  I’d love to help you leave the fear behind and exceed your Personal Best, in whatever area matters to you.

And if you have enjoyed this post or found it interesting, do share the love via the buttons below.  Or perhaps you know someone else who would find it useful?  You could be opening the door to someone’s future freedom!

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