What’s the point of the Reiki Precepts?

When you first learn Reiki, you will be given a wealth of information.  You will be taught about the history, how to offer it to yourself and others and, of course, you will be attuned to it. You will also be taught about the Reiki Precepts. What exactly is a ‘precept’?  A dictionary definition reads…Continue Reading

“You’re over-reacting!”

“You’re over-reacting!” Someone in your life has just said or done something that has pressed your buttons in a big way – triggering a response that’s over the top for the small thing they just said or did… What on earth just happened?  You know you’re over-reacting to this but the feelings are huge, overwhelming. An…Continue Reading

Flexibility is the key

My ideal Sundays have a good deal of flexibility – a slow start, perhaps followed by some cooking or household chores, a bit of gentle research or writing, or maybe meeting up with friends and family.  Whatever the day holds, life runs at a gentle pace with no deadlines or clock-watching.  Does that sound like…Continue Reading

Processing change

It can be quite discombobulating to feel that you’ve changed in some way or another, can’t it?  It can leave you feeling as if you don’t quite know yourself, in some subtle but important way; and processing change definitely takes time, even when that change is entirely positive. It’s something I often talk about with…Continue Reading

Uncurling into 2016

How’s your 2016 going? So far, my year has been very busy with new and continuing clients and lots of planning for a very special new workshop.  At one stage, I felt sure the Christmas tree was going to have to stay up until Valentine’s Day, at the very least!  But it’s gone and life is settling…Continue Reading

A “Proper” Christmas?

“Christmas”… the word alone can strike fear into the most stalwart heart.  The hustle.  The bustle.  The planning, the presents, the food.  The family negotiations that would take a United Nations peacekeeper to the limits of their tolerance.  Sound familiar? Woven into most people’s Christmas scenarios are many “shoulds and oughts” – multiple expectations about…Continue Reading

LOVE myself? Are you kidding?

When I think about love, I think about our darling dog, Barty, who died a year ago.  My son’s description of Barty is that he was “simple”.  Not that he was a stupid dog; not at all.  Rather, he had simple needs – for nourishment and care, walks, baths and visits to the vet.  And,…Continue Reading

Follow your own excellent advice!

That slightly embarrassing moment when you suddenly recognise a need to take some of your own excellent advice? That. I recently launched a new session called “Wellbeing for Practitioners” which I intended to be a support for carers, healers and helpers of all kinds but with an initial focus on counsellors and psychotherapists, whose obligation…Continue Reading

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