Why should you try Reiki for pain?

Pain in your body can feel all consuming

When you’re in pain, you just can’t focus your thoughts on anything else, can you?  And the more you struggle to get past the painful sensations, the stronger their grip seems to be.


“It’s hard to describe, because pain types differ but there was a particular pain I had and no matter what I did, it just wouldn’t go” (Zena)

Of course, physical pain can have many causes and it’s vital to get yours checked out promptly by a doctor and to follow any treatment plan closely.  But, that said, you may find Reiki to be a very useful addition to that plan.

Why should I try Reiki for pain?

LizzieCarver|Reiki|EFTIn a word – relaxation.

Most people find themselves relaxing profoundly during a Reiki session.  It’s that deep relaxation which helps loosen the grip of the pain.  As you stop fighting, your muscles can soften and the tension drains from your body.

“The treatments were so relaxing, I would often fall asleep.  If you feel relaxed and sleep better, pain levels drop.” (Zena)

“I felt completely and utterly relaxed.” (Cathy)

“My back improved almost immediately and I was able to go running again four days later.” (AG)

What’s happening in your body that makes you feel better?

The effects of Reiki encourage the body’s shift from its “fight or flight” state (with stress hormones rampaging) into the “relax and repair” mode that allows your natural healing mechanisms to do their work.

Research in America, as reported by Reiki Master Pamela Miles, has shown measurable positive effects of Reiki on heart rate variability (HRV) in patients being treated in hospital following heart attack.  The comparison was made between three groups – one group rested quietly, a second listened to peaceful, slow tempo music, and the third received a short Reiki session.  The positive effect of Reiki on HRV was comparable to that of beta-blocker medication.  The group who received Reiki also reported “feeling better” in their mood and spirits.  (A fuller account, with links to the study paper, can be found here.)

Whatever the source of your pain or exhaustion

  • muscle or joint strain
  • discomfort in pregnancy or post-natal weariness
  • illness or the effects of treatment eg chemotherapy

do consider giving Reiki a chance to support your body as it copes with your particular challenge.

Remember, Reiki is

  • gentle
  • non-invasive
  • non-manipulative

and couldn’t be simpler from your point of view…  Just lie down and breathe…

Over to you…

Have you ever tried Reiki for pain?  Did it help?  Do share your experience by posting a comment below.

Photo credit: openDemocracy via Foter.com / CC BY-SA
Photo credit: Foter.com

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