Bird Phobia

You wonder whether you’ll ever be able to eat outdoors again.  Or walk in a straight line through town, instead of zig-zagging away from the pigeons.

It’s quite normal for people with Bird Phobia to severely limit their life out in the open air and spend more and more time indoors.

Imagine dining al fresco in the summer – this is entirely possible for you.

I was asked by Birdworld to create a one-to-one session, specifically designed for people with bird phobia and it’s been very successful.  You can read how Karen got on here and how Amy felt about her session here.  Ashleigh’s story is here and there’s a full account of Alison’s progress here but please be aware that Alison’s story contains photos of birds!  

The programme consists of a 90-120 minute session with me where you and I will work together to disarm that hair-trigger of fear. Then, when you feel ready, we can go on to Birdworld, where I will support you as you put into practice the calming techniques you’ve learned. You can have as much or as little exposure to birds as you want on the day – but you may just surprise yourself… Ashleigh did, as you can see below.

The programme costs £185.  Please note that payment must be made no later than two weeks before the date of the session (full terms are on this page).

To have a chat about what’s troubling you and how I could help, drop me a line and we’ll arrange a call.

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Bird Phobia|Lizzie Carver


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