Can you name and shame your fears?

The other day, just after speaking to a small group of women about how EFT could help them to quickly and simply reduce their stress levels, a young woman made her way across the room to me.

She wanted to share something very important with me – that much was clear.  She blushed and hesitated as she tried to find the words to express herself and so we found a quiet corner to sit and chat for a few moments.

It turned out that she had a phobia.  I still don’t know exactly what it was that was causing her so much distress, because she was unable to actually name the object of her fears.  The feelings it triggered were just too strong for her to even say the words.

Fears | a black and white photo of a woman, head bowed

“It’s so silly.”

“It’s nothing, really…”

“I should be able to…”

“I feel so stupid!”

I’ve heard all of these, and more, from people whose suffering is, clearly, neither “nothing” nor “silly”!

So let me be very clear – feeling frightened of things that don’t seem to bother other people is nothing to be ashamed of.  A fear response can become attached to absolutely anything (rubber toy or boiling kettle, anyone?).

The thing is NOT the problem…  The fear is the problem. 

So we work gently to reduce the fear and without frightening you further in the process.  We disconnect the old memories of fear from the thing and, suddenly, the thing is just … the thing.  Not scary at all.

And, please believe me when I say that you needn’t feel ashamed of having had the fears.  I am not ashamed to admit that I used to be so afraid of the dark that I never went anywhere without a torch.  Ever.  Just in case a trip to the shops turned into an all-nighter (or something).  So, I get it.  Truly.

Have you experienced anything like this?  I’d love to know – do join the conversation and leave a comment, below.

And if you are ready to name (without shame) the object of your fears, get in touch here to arrange a discovery conversation and find out how I can help you further.

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