Hello. I’m Lizzie Carver

I offer one-to-one Reiki and coaching sessions to people who are feeling exhausted to their core or overwhelmed by seemingly simple tasks.

Whether they simply want a little peaceful time-out or hope to create another way to manage the daily grind, I help them to replenish their energy, feel better about themselves and live authentically, with more ease.

What I believe

I believe that self-compassion underpins all positive change and healing.  I have one clear purpose – to support you as you find your way from a place that drains you to somewhere that’s kinder and more sustainable.

How it all began

Growing up, I took the full brunt of my parents’ particular unhappinesses and their ways of coping and, being a very good little girl, I learned my lessons well. In particular, I learned to be anxious, fearful and sad. By my late twenties, life was barely sustainable and I was in hospital, under the care of a psychiatrist.

I spent many years teasing out those tangles. There was so much unexpressed sadness to release. But by 1992, I had been attuned to Reiki and so began my journey out of the dark times.

I want to live in a world where people know that it’s absolutely okay to be who they are and are able to offer the same kindness and respect to themselves that they show to others. It’s why I’ve chosen to work with ReikiEFTMatrix Reimprinting and NLP in my practice and I use these holistic therapies to help you step more confidently into a brighter future.

And before that

I’ve had a colourful journey into healing therapies. My secretarial skills have proved to be every bit as useful as my father insisted they would be and my time as an Assistant Stage Manager in repertory theatre helps me plan and get organised.

For seven years I was a volunteer for Fine Cell Work, a social enterprise that teaches prison inmates the skills they need to stitch high quality needlepoint or embroidered items and pays them for their work. This paved the way for me to teach Adult Literacy in a hostel for men on licence for violent and sexual offences. It was during this time that I recognised my calling was not to teach to a curriculum, but instead to teach people how to support their own wellbeing in the ways I had benefitted from myself.

And that’s enough about me. I’d love to know more about you and what has brought you here. If you think there’s a fit and you feel ready to move towards a lighter way of being, please do get in touch and tell me your story.

Cut-and-paste Bio

Running a guest post from me or an interview with me? Feel free to cut and paste this bio:

Lizzie Carver wants to live in a world where people have the tools to offer the same kindness and respect to themselves that they show to those around them. As a Reiki Master and coach, Lizzie helps frazzled souls shift unhelpful patterns and boost energy levels so they may step forward into a brighter, lighter future of authenticity and self-acceptance.

She’s been spotlighted in the Guardian’s Life & Style section and has also contributed to the online magazine, Silent Voices.

When she’s not practising holistic therapies or furnishing others with self-help techniques, you’ll find Lizzie nurturing her creative talents – principally sewing, from needlepoint to patchwork – or walking her dog, Bob, around Jane Austen country in N. E. Hampshire.

To discover how to restore balance and ease, visit Lizzie’s online home over at www.lizzie-carver.co.uk


Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Registered for Reiki with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner

Next steps

Why not get in touch and tell me what you need?