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Due to the Coronavirus, I am offering 'For Anxious Days' online sessions and Distant Reiki only - no in-person sessions for now.

These difficult times have left many of us feeling extra frazzled but help is still available

If only you could ‘press pause’ on this baffling 'new normal' and find a way to recharge your personal batteries.

Sound familiar?

I’m a Reiki Master and coach and all my work has always been about helping exhausted and overwhelmed people replenish their energy and live with more ease.

Thank you for visiting my online home.  Do have a look around – I hope you find what you need.  We are still able to connect with each other despite everything - just in different ways!

"Your Safe Place"

A 10-minute guided visualisation for you to listen or download.

Distant Reiki

There's still a way to shift that “too tired to relax” feeling…

For Anxious Days - online

A range of simple, gentle techniques to help you feel grounded...

About me

Hello, I’m Lizzie Carver.  I offer one-to-one Reiki and coaching sessions to people who are feeling exhausted to their core or overwhelmed by seemingly simple tasks.

I help them replenish their energy, feel better about themselves and live authentically, with more ease. Find out more


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